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Well hey, we’re not doing anything else, so let’s kick this sucker off. Y’all ready for this!?

State of the Union time, baby! Let’s get it on!

9:07 This is, of course, the most important part of the speech. Who’s on the center aisle? Who transcended party labels and waited literally HOURS to get his picture taken with the President!? Obviously, Sheila Jackson-Lee, that’s who. Christ.

9:08 Just in case you’re watching along at home, we should point out that we’re watching on MSNBC. If you’re watching on FOX News, you’re probably seeing a different feed. There are not actually horns on Obama’s head.

9:09 Obama greets the Joint Chiefs. Totally cool to ask if they’re gay now.

9:10 Wow, Pelosi’s wearing a lot of makeup tonight. And a suit! Weird!

9:12 Oh man, big hand for the new Speaker! And an even bigger hand for Gabby Giffords! Hooray for everyone! (more…)

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10:26 – Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell announced, people clapping. Oh, he’s dreamy.

10:29 – Well, this is unnecessary spectacle, honestly.

10:30 – Cheering. So loud that it bled through Wolf Blitzer’s ominous drone.

10:30 – What’s with all the reverb on Bob McDonnell’s voice?

10:31 – So McDonnell’s kids are typical dumb kids who are more interested in sports than in the future of the country? Alright.

10:31 – So far not really much of a response as it is a reiteration.

10:32 – Quoting Jefferson. Hmm…I dunno if you want to do that, since you always get the church and state thing wrong.

10:33 – Re: debt: “This is simply unsustainable.” Not in the ol’ U.S. of A., where American spend 103% of their earnings!

10:33 – “We want results, not rhetoric.” Doesn’t want partisanship. Yeah, my ass.


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