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California gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman should have considered her words carefully before suggesting that she moved to the state 30 years ago because anything was possible…when Jerry Brown was governor. Being the political pros they are, the Brown campaign jumped all over that statement.

Also: Whoops.


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We agree with some of the things Nancy Pelosi says here, and we’re not even fans of hers! But what’s really amazing is how she’s still aging backward! Check it:

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No joke, the kid who guessed that famous Wasilla person (and former half-term governor) Sarah Palin was from “Wasilla” is now facing up to 20 years in prison for doing so. It seems Sarah Palin had a Yahoo! address, and used the security question: “What high school did you attend.” After literally zero research, David Kernell guessed “Wasilla High,” and had access to Palin’s email. Yes, the governor of Alaska’s email was that easy to hack. Is that even considered hacking — figuring out a rube’s password?

Meh, apparently it is, and now Kernell is probably headed to the slammer. Palin put the whole situation in perspective on facebook, of course.

My family and I are thankful that the jury thoroughly and carefully weighed the evidence and issued a just verdict. Besides the obvious invasion of privacy and security concerns surrounding this issue, many of us are concerned about the integrity of our country’s political elections. America’s elections depend upon fair competition. Violating the law, or simply invading someone’s privacy for political gain, has long been repugnant to Americans’ sense of fair play. As Watergate taught us, we rightfully reject illegally breaking into candidates’ private communications for political intrigue in an attempt to derail an election.


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Sarah Palin gives a visual representation of her foreign policy experience.

Only in this country could a dipshit former half-term governor and hillbilly grifter with zero – that’s zero – foreign policy experience be taken seriously when it comes to United States nuclear prowess and its implied defense against foreign powers.

We all know that Sarah Palin, the aforementioned half-term governor and hillbilly grifter, has been sniping at President Obama about his agreement with Russia to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. Here’s the latest from the Associated Press:

Obama shot back while overseas to sign a nuclear reduction deal with Russia, calling Palin “not much of an expert” on nuclear issues.

Palin counterpunched Friday while addressing the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Clearly mocking the president, she dismissed the “vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer.”


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There have been some inspired Google hoaxes. Google Gulp, Gmail Paper and Google Romance were kinda funny. This Thursday, though, Sergey Brin and Larry Page must have been too busy contemplating how much they’re earning in their stock sell-off to worry about a decent April Fool’s Day joke. Check this shit:

Click “our new name” and you’re taken to a new page in which you’re told the following:

Early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. We’ve been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that as of 1AM (Central Daylight Time) April 1st, Google has officially changed our name to Topeka.

We didn’t reach this decision lightly; after all, we had a fair amount of brand equity tied up in our old name. But the more we surfed around (the former) Topeka’s municipal website, the more kinship we felt with this fine city at the edge of the Great Plains.


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More and more frequently the New York Times shows complete douchebaggery in the news stories it publishes (just take a look at this gem, “How to Speak Nanny“). In today’s science section though, they really fucked the goat-ass.

Until last week, paleontologists could offer no clear-cut evidence for the color of dinosaurs. Then researchers provided evidence that a dinosaur called Sinosauropteryx had a white-and-ginger striped tail. And now a team of paleontologists has published a full-body portrait of another dinosaur, in striking plumage that would have delighted that great painter of birds John James Audubon.

“This is actual science, not ‘Avatar,’ ” said Richard O. Prum, an evolutionary biologist at Yale and co-author of the new study, published in Science.

Thanks, Dr. Prum, for that really insightful comment. Not only have you probably correctly judged that most Americans are dumb enough to associate science with Avaghey, but you’ve also proved you’re just cynical enough to add a buzzword into your quote so that maybe Google will point a few more readers to you.


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